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Our Bridal Stylists cannot wait to show you our wedding dresses...

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When I’m not traveling to meet a new bridal designer, ordering the latest wedding gown fashions, or designing wedding dresses for our Wedding Shoppe brides, I am enjoying every moment with my three teenage daughters and my husband! Campfires, cook outs, and family time in our cottage up north are among my favorite moments.

Luckily, those moments are made possible thanks to my Wedding Shoppe family, who work diligently to ensure that every bride feels heard, has fun, and finds their dream dress! This was incredibly important to me when I first opened The Wedding Shoppe. To me, wedding gown and accessories shopping was uncomfortably commonplace everywhere I went, I knew that this bridal rite of passage had to be better! Brides deserved to have fun shopping for their wedding dress, their veil, and their jewelry. After all, when you find “the one” you should envision yourself walking down the aisle towards the love of your life and picture them catching their breath at the beautiful sight of you, right?! I was inspired to break the bridal store mold and open The Wedding Shoppe so that finding “the one” and all of its accessories could be the time of your life!

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Over the past 17 years, we’ve helped countless brides have fun finding their dream wedding dress and bridal accessories. We believe shopping for your wedding dress is a wondrous experience. A time when you should feel special, understood and heard. A time shared with your nearest and dearest. We make it our mission to help you fall in love for the second time in your relationship…this time with the wedding gown you wear on the day you walk down the aisle and become a wife. This is no ordinary shopping experience. Our boutique is your safe haven. No pushy sales women, no ordinary dresses you can find in any bridal store, no staff that seems inconvenienced by your presence. We love our brides! We can’t wait to hear all the details of your big day. You will love the process of discovering your perfect look. Our stylists help you put all the puzzle pieces together. With your help, we will find you the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of!

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When my sister, Michelle, asked me to help make The Wedding Shoppe a safe haven for brides to feel comfortable and beautiful, I knew we would break the bridal shop mold. No mean girls or generic gowns here. We carefully listen to every hopeful bride that walks through our doors longing to find “the one” and make it our mission to empower her, get excited with her, and help her fall madly in love all over again. When I’m not traveling the world choosing our next collection or making sure the magic happens at The Wedding Shoppe, I’m playing with my rambunctious 4-year old granddaughter and tap into my competitive side as a Detroit Derby Girl.

The Wedding Shoppe is my home away from home. It’s my responsibility to make sure our brides are happy and over the moon with their experience. I take this responsibility very seriously. I couldn’t do it without our All Star Bridal Team. We are an incredibly supportive family for our brides and each other. It’s my personal goal to make sure that our brides feel they are in good hands and trust us throughout the process.


Our Wedding Shoppe Stylists are so excited about your engagement. What an incredible time in your life and we get to be a part of it! We swoon over that ring on your finger, hearing how the love of your life popped the question, and chatting with you about your dream wedding to go with your dream dress!

We are your stylists and helping you find “the one” that makes you feel stunning is what warms our hearts each and every time. Our stylists are your wedding dress matchmakers.


Jen is our Sales Development Manager and a Bridal Stylist here at The Wedding Shoppe. Jennifer has a passion for local business and found her way onto this award winning, creative, incredible bridal team! She loves how this job allows her to build relationships, help brides find the dress of their dreams, and help her grow professionally! In addition to styling brides, Jen assists in keeping the front of the house moving, takes on all of the graphic design and marketing needs, keeps our bridal show booths looking great and ensures an incredible experience for each of our brides! What is the best part of the job to Jen? “It’s every part! It’s glam, it’s relationships, it’s creative, it’s details, it’s special!” We couldn’t agree more!
Thanks, Jen, for taking such good care of us! XOX



Bre was a Wedding Shoppe bride, well before she worked at TWS. As a result, Bre spent her years as a stylist, making sure that every moment a bride spends in her appointment is special. When family obligations took Bre to the suburbs outside of Washington D.C., she refused to give back her key, so we created a position for her. Bre became our Special Events Coordinator and has been enjoying new challenges in digital marketing for The Wedding Shoppe.
Bre herself, will tell you that TWS is her special place and she is certain, that after finding your dress, you will completely agree!



It had been a lonnng wedding season when Codi arrived for her interview. A very busy shoppe
finishing up the last weddings of a crazy busy summer lead to the lonnnnngest interview EVER at TWS. It was during this interview that we learned Codi had a knack for thinking outside the box and was ready to jump in with both feet.
She was a brand new Momma and starting a new chapter in her life, since that day, Codi has become heart and soul TWS as well as a Senior Stylist. We love her dearly and cannot live without her.
Thank goodness, she will tell you herself that this is her dream job. She adores BOTH the ladies she works for and the ladies she works with and will also tell you how proud she is to work somewhere that truly cares about their customers.



Shawn’s favorite part of her job is that she gets to be a special part of the bride’s experience! She gets so much joy from the bride’s happiness while helping her find her wedding gown and she loves sharing stories of the people she works with and the amazing, memorable experiences with them. “There’s a different story with each bride and getting to know her while looking for the most special garment that she will ever wear could not be more rewarding. Helping the bride accomplish her goal of feeling absolutely fabulous in her wedding gown that compliments her shape and more importantly, her personality, is my goal as well as the bride’s!”



Katie started working in the bridal industry in college and she enjoyed it so much that it is still her career! She landed at The Wedding Shoppe and continues to help brides find their dream bridal look. Brides say that Katie has a positive attitude that rubs off on everybody! Katie is patient and professional and will guide brides from finding ‘the dress’ through alterations…you might mistake Katie for a member of your bridal party because she is so comfortable to be around and can get along with your whole group!



Jessica was able to sum it up perfectly, when she described wanting “every bride to walk out of TWS with a wonderful story to tell of how they found their dress!” She went on to talk about how special it is to be a part of that moment when her bride’s find “the one” and how getting to see a Bride celebrate with her loved ones “can really pull at your heartstrings.”
Jessica is one of our Senior Stylists for good reason, she immediately looks to put her brides at ease and will undoubtedly let you know that you can lean on her, it’s not everyday that you buy a wedding dress. She takes pride in being able to help guide her brides through the process, all while creating a memorable, once in a lifetime experience. Like all of our consultants, she is there with you throughout your wedding. From the time you buy your dress, to when your gown arrives, through wedding day accessories and alterations at The Alterations Studio, Jessica and the girls of TWS are there to support you.


We’re Hiring

When a bride finds “THE ONE” there are often cheers, tears and applause. The Wedding Shoppe is more than a job. We are in the business of making people happy. We create exceptional memories for our clients every day.

Brides choose The Wedding Shoppe because of:

– The experience we create

– Our award winning customer service

– Our exclusive selection

– Our charming atmosphere

Most brides learn about The Wedding Shoppe from friends, family and co-workers. This is because of the team members we select to join our family. We hold our team members to the highest standards because our clients deserve the very best. YOU are The Wedding Shoppe.

We are currently interviewing Sales Professionals with open availability.


Haley is our detail girl! When Haley came to The Wedding Shoppe she hit the ground running taking on all of the front desk operations (which is not easy in such a busy place!) and took on the bridal stylist role. Haley loves to meet with brides “There is so much excitement! Finding out about her personality and what her style and tastes are is so much fun to me”. She knows the level of trust our brides put in their stylists and to Haley, it is so incredibly important and she is honored to be a part of this most special day. In addition to her position at The Wedding Shoppe she has completed her bachelors degree in Health Sciences – Nutrition and Health at Oakland University! Congratulations Haley we are so proud of you and all you bring to this team!



Just as we expected, Marina takes her relationship with her brides very seriously. She is excited and eager to share this experience with each of her brides and knows how important the trust between a Bride and her Stylist is. As we all do, Marina genuinely feels honored to have this special role in a Bride’s BIG Day.

Marina wears her heart on her sleeve and will be the first to tell you that she quickly becomes friends with her Brides’, going on to explain that as you are getting to know each other throughout the appointment, you can’t help but to become invested.
It’s easy for your Bridal Stylist to become emotional during your appointment, finding “The One” is a powerful thing and your TWS Bridal Stylist will not take it lightly



Roberta is our administrative superwoman. She is the wild child of our team as well as the backbone!


The Bridal Stylists of The Wedding Shoppe would like to thank our GLAM SQUAD for everything they do to make us look and feel beautiful.  Thank you Mandy Kolewski and Morgan Getty.

We were so fortunate to have Lindsay Ann Photography

in The Boutique for the day.  She captured how much we love our jobs and each other, beautifully.




Our Wedding Shoppe Matchmakers want to hear all the romantic details! We gush over seeing that ring on your finger, hearing how the love of your life popped the question, and chatting with you about your dream wedding to go with your dream dress!

We are your Matchmakers and helping you find “the one” that makes you feel stunning is what warms our hearts each and every time.
We know how important it is to find “the one”! Our Matchmakers listen to everything you say and use their wedded intuition to help you find that dream dress all the while making you feel comfortable and full of excitement among your bridal entourage. Who knew trying on wedding gowns could be a fun chick-flick experience?! We did, of course! You might fall for the first dress you try on or choose a style you didn’t expect to love. Either way, your Wedding Shoppe experience is all about your whirlwind love affair between you and your wedding gown!