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Frequently Asked Questions

“You feel like a VIP from the moment you arrive in this store. The ambience is one of a kind, very warm and rich. This was the first place I tried on dresses and the last. Their seamstresses are outstanding and very experienced as well as flexible to work with clients with busy schedules.”

- Mary


How much time do I have to try on gowns?
It’s important to us that you have an uninterrupted wedding gown matchmaker experience, where you’ll find the dress of your dreams alongside your ladies. With that in mind, each appointment is about 60 to 90 minutes. Please let us know, in advance, if you or your party needs certain accommodations.
Is there anything I should bring with me to try on gowns?
Of course. Feel free to bring a strapless bra. While not necessary, strapless bras mean you don’t have to try to uncomfortably hide the straps with every differently styled gown. Make sure not to wear thongs or wildly bright undergarments as you’ll most likely need help dressing and don’t want to distract from the gown detail should it not close completely. There’s also no need to wear shoes while trying on different gowns since they’re not hemmed to your height and you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible switching in and out of dresses.
Who should I bring with me to my wedding gown appointment?
Bring those people in your life who know you inside out, who always have your best interest at heart, and who uplift you every step of the way. One or two of those trusted friends plus your mom is the perfect mix for your Wedding Shoppe entourage! We find that it’s best to bring only a couple of your closest loved ones to give you an honest opinion. Otherwise, a crowd of mismatched points of view can lead you to poll the audience, which could be a recipe for stress and anxiety. At the end of the day, yours is the only opinion that matters so share it with those you care about most.
Should I bring in pictures of my favorite wedding gowns or share my Pinterest board of bridal dresses?

Definitely! We love to see what you have in mind so we can get an idea of your vision and bring your favorite styles to try on. But keep an open mind! Sometimes the dress you thought could be “the one” turns out to be underwhelming. Meanwhile, a style you never even considered can catch you by surprise, give you goosebumps, and make you feel even more excited to marry the love of your life! Once we get to know you, your style, and your wedding vision, our Wedding Shoppe Matchmakers will use their keen eye and stylish intuition to broaden your wedding dress horizons and make you fall in love all over again.

What sizes are your samples?

We pride ourselves in discovering exclusive designers from all corners of the world and giving our brides a gorgeous selection of wedding gowns! Since we’re not a department store, by any means, our sample sizes usually run between sizes 10 and 16. Whether the gown is too big or too small, we will clip you in to give you a general idea of what the gown will look like in your size.

Can I bring my children to my wedding gown appointment?

While we love little ones, we strongly believe that your wedding gown appointment should be a fun grown up experience where you can focus on YOU without any distractions whatsoever. We encourage getting a sitter since your child(ren) will likely consider sitting down quietly for an hour or more without being able to touch anything, 100% boring. Not to mention, from your point of view (and ours), the loose pins, needles, and small objects are safety hazards that are bound to cause worry. If you’d like to involve them in the process, we find it’s best to bring them to the final fitting so they can see the wedding gown beauty and only quietly wait for as little as 20 minutes.

Can I take pictures of my favorite dress?

YES! As soon as you purchase your gown you can take all the pictures you want. Until that time, we ask you not to take pictures out of respect for our designers, who themselves do not post pictures of their dresses online to avoid crude reproductions.

“Can’t say enough wonderful things about The Wedding Shoppe. From the moment my mom and I walked in the door we felt so comfortable and I had an amazing time trying on their unique selection of dresses. Everything came in on time, and the end result was amazing. I couldn’t be happier!”

- Hillary


Should I make an appointment before I come to look at wedding gowns?
Yes! Making an appointment is for YOUR convenience. We want you to have the absolute most amazing experience possible. To provide you with that we would like to be prepared for you. Click here to make….

Can I get a catalog of the wedding gowns you carry?
The designers we work with care about maintaining the integrity of their line. For this reason, they do not post photos of their unique gowns online and ask that our brides only take pictures once their gown is purchased; therefore, we do not have a catalog of wedding gowns.

Do we buy used gowns?

No. We are not a consignment shop. Every single one of our wedding gowns are new and absolutely one of a kind!

Do you rent wedding gowns?

No. Wedding Shoppe gowns are your forever keepsake that you will one day share with your daughter or granddaughter.

“I had a lovely experience at The Wedding Shoppe. My consultant was very helpful and was able to find a dress that was perfect for me! She was also very understanding and had my best interests in mind.”

- Lauren


When do I need to order my gown?

We recommend ordering your gown at least 9 to 18 months before your wedding date. Since each designer is different, we will work with you to determine order and delivery deadlines for the dream dress you’ve fallen for. That may seem like a long time out, but it typically takes about 6 to 8 months from the time of ordering for your gown to arrive. Even longer for gowns that may require custom changes. We’ve learned that it’s best to leave 3 months of buffer time for alterations and possible shipping delays. Always better to be safe, right?!

How do I know what size to order?

Our experienced Matchmakers will take your measurements to ensure that your gown will be ordered in the size closest to your measurements. Often, your measurements will fall in between sizes so we recommend ordering the larger size, which can then be taken in by one of our talented seamstresses. It’s also important to note that your bridal dress size may not be the same as your clothing size. Bridal sizes tend to run small and different designers have different measurement charts, so a size 8 in one brand can be a size 10 in another.

My wedding is three months away, can I still get a wedding gown?

Definitely! You may purchase a gown from our showroom floor, which are kept in pristine condition so you can be assured that your gown is always as good as new. Some designers offer rush service for an additional fee, though most are not accepting rush orders at this time.

Are the wedding gowns at The Wedding Shoppe “special order” or “in stock”?

Most of our gowns are special order. Unlike department stores, we do not stock each designer gown in every size. Instead, you try on the gown in our sample sizes, fall madly in love, we take your measurements to determine what size you’re closest to, and we order away. You can also buy our gowns “off-the-rack” if you don’t have time to special order or if the gown fits perfectly and you prefer to have the gown right away.

What are the prices like at The Wedding Shoppe?

We have a breathtaking collection of high-quality, exclusive gowns from talented designers in London, New York, Chicago, and all fashion corners of the world. With competitive prices, our gowns range from anywhere between $1100 to $3000. We also offer “Limited Edition” and “Discontinued” gowns for sale starting at $500. Let our Matchmakers know the budget you’re working with and we’ll make sure you fall head over heels with a wedding gown that dazzles in your price range.

What if I see a specific gown that you don’t have in the salon, can I still order it?

No, The Wedding Shoppe can not order gowns from collections we do not feature in our boutique. This unethical practice is known as “trans-shipping” and if another bridal store promises you this, you may be at risk of not receiving your gown or even a refund. Many designers and manufacturers are closing their accounts with shops that practice “trans-shipping”, which means that they lose their ability to carry that designer’s line for the foreseeable future. Here, at The Wedding Shoppe, we ensure that you will never be a victim of unethical business practices. That’s just not our style!

Will my wedding gown come in my length?

Most wedding gowns are designed for a 5’7” woman with three inch heels. Since many of us do not fall in this category, it’s possible to order extra length at an additional charge or alter the gown to a shorter length with our Wedding Shoppe seamstresses.

I’m planning on losing weight. When should I shop for and purchase my wedding gown?

Most brides plan on buying their wedding gowns 9 to 18 months before their wedding day. You should do the same even if you’re planning to lose weight. We recommend buying the gown that fits at your current weight and if you reach your weight goals, it will be easy for our seamstresses to alter the dress to fit you perfectly. If you don’t, remember that your soon-to-be other half fell in love with you just the way you are and you’re going to look absolutely stunning in your gown.

We also offer “Limited Edition” and “Discontinued” gowns for sale starting at $500. What if I gain/lose weight and the gown is too big/too small when it arrives?

We recommend what size gown to order based on the measurements taken at the time of purchase, but we will work with you and our seamstresses for any possible solutions. It is not unusual for our seamstresses to work her magic and take in three to four sizes or let out one to two sizes.

How much do I have to pay to order a gown?

Most brides pay for their gown in full at the time of ordering. But if you’d prefer, we do accept a 75% DOWN PAYMENT , including any rush fees, with a 25% remainder due when your dream dress arrives.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Cash. We only accept Checks for special orders.

If the wedding is cancelled, can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. There are no exceptions.

What if I find the gown of my dreams, but I’m not ready to buy it yet (financially or because I want my mom to see it), will you hold the gown for me?

We’re so happy you’ve found “the one”, but unfortunately we are unable to hold gowns at The Wedding Shoppe. We simply can’t deprive another bride of the opportunity to find the dress of her dreams. We also have no control over when a designer discontinues a gown or raises their prices due to rising manufacturing costs. We strongly encourage you to bring the people you care about most whose opinion you may need to make a decision the day of your appointment

If I order a gown and do not like it when it comes in, can I send it back?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. There are no exceptions.

Are alterations included?

Our amazing seamstresses has over 30 years of experience making sure that each Wedding Shoppe gown fits every bride perfectly! Her work is impeccable with every bead in place and every bustle sweetly sewn. Alterations are an art form and due to the labor intensive process, alterations are always an extra charge.

“It was a magical experience!”

- Maria


Do I need an appointment?

We recommend making an appointment to shop for your bridesmaid dresses. We know there are a lot of questions during this appointment and we have answers! Having an appointment ensures you work with one of our superstar stylists and reserves a changing room for your party (our changing rooms comfortably seat 4-5 guests). The benefits of working with our stylists are: we coordinate everything from choosing dresses, helping your party in and out of the dresses, demonstrating proper fit, choosing material, color and style, taking measurements, and making sure the dresses arrive on time. We take the stress out of the process by managing your party from start to finish and giving you 24 hour access to your stylist (via email, of course!)

When should I shop and order my gowns?

Shop early to lock in the best pricing and ensure time for your bridesmaids to take care of their alterations. We recommend placing your bridesmaid order six months before the wedding date or earlier. More time can’t hurt! (Although, if you have a shorter engagement we can get them in four months with an extra fee). Once the entire order is finalized we place all of the dresses together to ensure they are each cut from the same color dye-lot.

Our Designers - you have options!

We carry designers that offer a wide range of style, material and color options. We proudly feature classic and modern bridesmaids dresses that will perfectly complement the bride. We have sequins, chiffon, lace, satin, tulle and jersey dress options in over 200 colors! Our sample dresses vary in sizes so we can demonstrate fit for nearly everyone in your party. At The Wedding Shoppe, the bridesmaid dress collection starts at $199 and ranges to $299. *If you are a Wedding Shoppe bride we offer a special discount to each of your bridesmaids!

Gown Specs & Sizing:

We are absolutely able to measure your bridesmaids and go over sizing in store or over the phone. We know that sizing can be a tricky topic so we will go step by step through the measuring process. Each designer has a different set of measurements that they base their sizes off of – so don’t worry about the number, seriously. All of our dresses are made to fit a frame of 5’8” with shoes/heels on. If you are 5’8” or taller we will recommend extra length.

Out of Town Bridesmaids:

We know your party can be spread out throughout the country, and for that reason we offer over-the-phone orders. We ask that your girls get their measurements taken at a reputable business such as a seamstress or tailor; industry standard for measurements is bust, waist, and hip. We need these measurements to place your order. While your bridesmaids may be out of town we do not offer shipping to them once the dress arrives. We recommend having someone in your party be responsible for getting these dresses in the right hands.


When ordering a dress your bridesmaids will need to pay in full. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We do accept payments over the phone too (for all phone orders we will send an e-document for you to sign)!